Friday, March 4, 2016

Phone Tracker Systems

Locate the device with the manufacturer or operating system
The easiest way to reassure smartphone addicts who have lost their favorite toy is remotely manage their device via the manufacturer's platform. These services, which need to be set in advance, to visualize the location of the mobile phone, lock it, to make it sound at higher volume and to delete the data. We find this feature especially with:

• Apple iCloud
• Samsung Mobile Tracker
• Android Device Manager
• Windows Phone Support

operator by Cell Phone Location services
SFR offers a single location telephone service: "SFR Mobile Lost." An SMS is sent to the laptop while using the service to indicate it has been geolocated. It is recommended that subscribers Orange, Bouygues and Free consult their customer support.

Services online location of the phone
Beware of some sites which, under the guise of offering a free location of the phone or that of a loved one, may collect your personal data.

Applications to locate his cell
Many smartphone applications also offer localization services, often embellished with fun features small bonus. Here are our three favorites:

Phone number tracker

Prey Anti-Theft. Free. Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
His advantages ?
• Easy to use.
• Raise an alarm (useful for laptops lost close).
• To take a picture and so see the usurper of the phone.

Find my phone. Free. Available for Android.
• Allows you to do a reverse search (if someone finds your phone).
• Saves history of your phone locations.

Life360. Free with in-app purchases. Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone.
• Connects all devices in the family circle.
• Sends notifications when moving your loved ones to preselected locations (eg gym, school ...).
• Integrated Private Messaging.
• Emergency services available in the Premium version.

Remember to set your mobile now, it will save you time if you lose!